This is Venice

Venice tourists and pigeons

This is Venice was one of M. Sasek's own favourites, along with This is Edinburgh and This is Hong Kong. Similar to the other early books in the series it is a particularly lovely book and was one of the four titles (along with This is New York, This is Israel and This is Ireland) which was made into a film.

December 1, 1961, p. xvii.

M. Sasek on This is Venice

I loved Venice because Venice is so beautiful!

Miroslav Sasek in Books are by people.

What the critics said about This is Venice

Every page is "suitable for framing," but even the most enthusiastic child would never want to take apart this near perfect piece of work. What a lovely Venice for any young reader to know and treasure.
Maureen Daly in Scouring the world with typewriter and camera.

The pattern of M. Sasek's books is now firmly established. It would be difficult for him to introduce innovations, and these would not be welcomed by his admirers, who delight in the fixed conventions of his unconventional portraits. It is the more remarkable that each book is pure Sasek and at the same time each catches the characteristic atmosphere of his subject...

This is Venice has many of the artist's gentle digs at tourists and at the vendors who feed on them. It shows, too, that M. Sasek is primarily an architectural draughtsman. His drawings of churches, palaces and odd corners are brilliant simplifications which never depart from the essential truths of building. That he draws buildings not in noble isolation but surrounded by the mess and muddle of a living city -- washing on the line, telly-aerials on the roof -- endears him more deeply to the reader.

Writ on Water, in The Times Literary Supplement, No. 3118, December 1, 1961, p. xvii.

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