This is Israel

Israeli grape-carriers

M. Sasek takes a bright and breezy trip through Israel. It is a lovely, colourful book with plenty of typical Sasek illustrations.

This was the first This is book to be devoted to a a whole country, albeit a small one. It is also one of the few Sasek books to be made into a film.

M. Sasek on This is Israel

When I did This is Israel, people laughed at me for hours the way I painted the signs. They couldn't understand how I did them left to right when they both read and write their letters right to left!

Miroslav Sasek in Books are by people.

What the critics said about This is Israel

To his series on famous cities of the world this Czech artist adds a book about a larger area, which, however, because of its unusual character, fits appropriately into the sequence. Covering the ancient and the modern in the same starling juxtaposition as that which the visitor finds, both text and pictures -- his delightful full-color impressions -- convey a vivid sense of scene and life, with occasional flashes of the humor that distinguishes this lively set of books

Early spring booklist: This is Israel.

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